Landlord gas safety certificate

landlord gas safety certificate

Landlord gas safety certificates

The law requires a landlord gas safety certificate for any property with a tenant that contains a gas appliance. It’s a requirement to ensure the safety of your tenants and their families, as well as yourself. We can help with this process, so please get in touch with us today!

You want to provide peace of mind for your tenants and keep them safe from harm. That’s why we offer professional service at competitive prices.

Why do landlords need to have a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate is a legal requirement for any property that contains an appliance with gas to ensure the safe use of appliances at your property. Gas appliances, fittings, chimneys and flues need to be safe and working efficiently.

Can a landlord be fined for no gas safety certificate?

Yes. A landlord can be fined if a property does not have a gas safety certificate, and you will also need to get one as soon as possible for the home not to be at risk of being unsafe.

What can fail a gas safety certificate?

There are several reasons why the gas safety certificate might fail. These include no written record that a qualified engineer has checked an appliance or if it’s not clear when the next inspection will take place.

How long do gas safety certificates last in the UK?

Gas safety certificates last for one year, and landlords should arrange to have them renewed before the certificate expires.

What is the landlord’s responsibility?

As a landlord or letting agent you are responsible for:

– Making sure regular maintenance work is carried out on the appliances, pipes and chimneys of a property to ensure they are safe.

-The servicing of gas appliances in accordance with the recommended frequency given by the manufacturer. If there is no guidance servicing should be carried out annually.

-Making sure gas safety checks are carried out on each gas appliance/flue to ensure appliances and fittings are safe to use.

-Providing a copy of the gas safety certificate to your tenant within 28 days

What should I do if my gas safety certificate fails?

If your gas safety certificate has failed, you will need to get a new one as soon as possible. Without a valid gas safety certificate in place at your property, there is a risk of the property being unsafe. If we find fault with any appliance or system will give you a quote to put it right as soon as possible (if we can’t do it at that time).

How much do landlord’s gas safety certificates cost?

Also known as CP12, our gas safety certificates for landlords start from £75.

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